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We are schnauzer hobby fanciers located in the greater Houston, TX area. While we have loved and lived with all three schnauzer breeds, we currently own and show Standard Schnauzers. We are members of the Standard Schnauzer Club of America and have been active in the breed since acquiring our first Standard 2009.

We strive for excellence in Health, Temperament, Conformation and Performance. All our animals are raised underfoot and are family pets first. However, we strongly believe that crate training is essential to the health and happiness of our animals so crates are used at appropriate times. Breeding stock are exhibited in conformation and have all recommended health testing. Obedience training is strongly encouraged even if you are not planning to compete in performance events.

Please be aware that we are breeding with the intent to produce a show quality puppy for ourselves. While that is our purpose for breeding, we expect that there will be several other puppies in any litter who have good health, good overall conformation and lovely temperament that will make excellent pets for the right family.  Although we believe that all our puppies are equally valuable regardless of whether they will be shown to championship in AKC, competing in performance events or chief playmate/snuggle buddy. etc, we will only place puppies with full registration if the owners are willing to commit to showing the animal to its appropriate title. All other puppies will be placed with limited registration and may not be used for breeding purposes.

Our primary goal is to place the right puppy with the right family so that each puppy’s new home becomes their forever home. With this goal in mind, we ask all potential puppy owners to complete a puppy interest questionnaire. We use the information you provide to help match puppies with potential families and we reserve the right to decline placement if we don’t have a puppy that we think will be a good fit for your unique situation. This is not a judgement about you as a person or your fitness to own a dog, only about goodness of fit with the specific puppies we have available at the time. We appreciate your help in ensuring that all the puppies go to the best home possible for each of them.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and for considering a standard schnauzer from our kennel for your family. We look forward to working with you in the months and years to come!


The Southern Lights Family



Email: southernstandardschnauzers@gmail.com
Facebook: Southern Standardschnauzers
Phone: 281-299-4536


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Southern Lights Kennel!

  1. My family is looking for a puppy. Our standard passed away after 14 years of love in our family. I have grownup with schnauzers for almost 50 years. 14 as a owner and 48 with my parents having Miniatures to Giants and currently a Standard. We will be in the Houston area for a few days during New Years Holidays and would like to come visit and possibility of bringing a puppy home if you still have some.

    1. Hi Mr. Reed. I’m very sorry. All puppies from our 2015 litter have gone to their new homes. I don’t anticipate having another litter before the end of 2016 or possibly 2017. Please consider contacting Maxine Petteway of Von Shaden Standard Schnauzers.

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